couple hugging under tree We, Paul and Rebekah Fox, after responding to the call to serve the Lord on the mission field, have set our goal on serving in Calvary Chapel Feltre in the beginning of 2023.

I, Paul, after spending four semesters and a few months in-between serving at Calvary Chapel Bible College Italy felt the call to continue service within the country alongside the other missionaries there, in some capacity, after graduation. While my hope was to transition straight into serving the Lord had a different plan and I returned home indefinitely. It all worked out though because on the way home I met my now wife, Rebekah. Rebekah at the time was just getting toward the last half of her Bible College education and was also hoping to one day join the mission field somewhere overseas. After a couple years of long distance and some time spent living in the same town we got married in June 2022 and quickly set our goal to try and be serving in Feltre, Italy by the new year.

just married couple walking down path at a mission Our hope is to start 2023 helping out Pastor Landon Rogers, his wife Rachel, and three kids with their church family in Feltre, Italy. Feltre is a small town in the North, right in the foothills of the Dolomites where a group of believers has been growing over the years and is continuing to grow even more so now. Our hope for 2023 is to help practically to the best of our ability with whatever the Lord calls us to within the body, whether it be helping out with building maintenance, helping with the growing youth and college ministries or whatever other odd and end jobs the church family needs from us.

Italy, though it is a beautiful country with great food and amazing traditional culture, is still in a great need of having the Good News of grace and truth in Jesus spread around. Our hope is to help in spreading that message through service and building relationships with the people around us.