Hello All! Just wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to the new mission which is about to open!


This will be the parking lot

This will be the parking lot.



Here is the front of the aged building


From left to right: Pastor Erasmo (the new pastor of this mission), Pastor Marcelo (Ricardo's dad, property has been given to Ricardo's dad from his grandfather), Neighbor who takes care of property, son, and Pastor Murillo (missions pastor)



This will be the area where church services will be held. The shade is great and in the picture are some of the men from our men's ministry who came to plan out how they are going to clean up the property and paint the building.


The idea is that this will be the children's area.


Currently the plan for this area is to clear it and make it a field for the children to be able to play.


A lot of leaves and bushes to clear.