Words escape me when I look at this picture and realize that our little fledglings have left the nest. To think that just a few months ago we had no idea if Patmos would exist this term, and now we are looking back at one of the most spiritual classes we have ever had. A group of young adults with a hunger to understand The Word of God, and a willingness to be faced with their weaknesses and strengths. A group of students surely sent by The Lord.


Every Patmos graduation looks a little different, and this one was unique. Above you see one of the staff members filling a student’s vase with water. In John 2, Jesus attends a wedding and the wine runs out. Mary, the mother of Jesus suggest that He act upon this and resolve the problem, but Jesus had other plans. There were six stone water jars nearby and Jesus instructed the servants to fill the jars with water, up to the brim. Somewhere between drawing the water out and walking towards the banquet the water was transformed into wine, the BEST wine. Before this Patmos term, we sat down as a family and studied this scripture. We had no idea how Patmos was going to happen, but it seemed The Lord was calling us to be like these servants, whom simply obeyed what Jesus said. As there were six water jars, we received six students. Our goal was to simply fill them with The Word, with time to pray, worship, serve, read, and love.

During the last week of the term we went to the nearby lake, and listened to a class via zoom by one of our guest Pastors from the states.


Eikon San Rafael

Ricardo and I have been blessed with the opportunity to help the Eikon ministry at his parent’s mission. Eikon is a ministry for young adults and youth specifically. Our central church in the city has this ministry but not all of the affiliated churches and even less if we are speaking about the missions. Half of the group above are young adults from the actual community and the other half are from the city, central church.

A few of the attendees for the second Saturday of Eikon at San Rafael.

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them”

Isaiah 42:9


Ricardo and I have been blessed with the opportunity to take care of his parent’s mission (little church plant) while they are on a trip. Additionally, we are transitioning into taking care of all the missions that our church has. This means that as another couple moves on to serve at an actual church, we will be the new team visiting and serving in the 12 locations spread throughout the country.


El Salvador is about the size of Massachusetts, only our mountains are due to the volcanoes.

With this new ministry, means new changes. The Lord has provided for a new car (Nissan Rogue 2018) that will help us safely arrive to these far out regions with difficult terrain.

That being said, I am also transitioning out of Campos Blancos and into Missions. Campos Blancos has been my passion for four years now, but God has made it clear that it’s time to move on. Friends of mine, a married couple, are both serving together in the Campo and make an incredible team.  I couldn’t be any happier to leave my precious kids to them as The Lord calls me to serve with Ricardo and reach kids all over the country.

Jessica has a gift for the little kids.

Rafa manages the older ones.

Please pray for this new transition as I miss my kids and I know they are asking about me.


The best part about this new season is getting to hear Ricardo teach the bible

Of all the new things currently occurring in our lives, serving together is probably the easiest. Ricardo manages the teaching of the bible, and I kind of run around and do whatever else. Right now I am helping take care of the babies, and getting to know two sweet teenage sisters who normally take care of them. Kenia and Dalia. Also, I had the opportunity to share with the women from this community last week.



We would really appreciate prayer for:

  • The plates of the new car getting in fast so we can use it for ministry (current cars options have many complications)
  • Ricardo’s USA visa process (we just started, appointment will probably be until next year)
  • The planning of the wedding and honeymoon (Praise The Lord He has been providing for both)
  • The planning of a house (We have been so blessed to live at the church property in San Martin which is a beautiful place. There will be remodeling done on some buildings where we are being given the opportunity to live- PRAISE!)
  • Did I mention the wedding? Haha
  • The Patmos students to maintain on fire for The Lord
  • Future discipleship program at church while we wait to do Patmos until next year



Thank you for being part of what God is doing in El Salvador and in our lives. It’s amazing how He demonstrates His love to us. Jehovah Jireh.


God Bless!