El Salvador has been on a tight lockdown for a couple weeks now. Thanks to Nayib Bukele, the new president, the country has experienced many changes, one being his early actions in putting the country on a quarantine and closing down the borders. He has approved a three month wave on electric, water bills and bank payments. They’ve also mobilized a 2,000 bed make shift hospital anticipating the coronavirus outbreak. He is doing the best he can to protect his people.

Thanks to the wonderful internet, La Capilla (Calvary chapel El Salvador) is still up and going! The church has been physically closed but on Facebook we are alive! Every night Pastor Carlos streams live for a book discussion that follows the daily guide he sends via text message in the morning (working though the book of Revelation). Since the Patmos program is in an enclosed property, they are still going strong, hitting the halfway mark of the term!

As for me, I am safely relaxing in my parents’ home in Florida. Missing my Salvador immensely, but trusting God’s timing for when I can go back. Currently Upon entering El Salvador you must go to a 30 day quarantine location, president ordered. My days now are filled with bible studies, Jon Courson sermons, walks with my family, deep cleaning, Netflix and delivering food to my feisty Bronx born grandma. I’m also hoping to take advantage of this time and educate myself (love YouTube) more in psychology and social work to be better equipped in serving our God.